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Address: 4240 HWY 6 North Suite G., Houston, TX. 77084
Hours 10am – 7pm, 7 days a week.

Bail Process Often Started in As Little As 15 Minutes

Bail Bondsman Houston Hwy 6/Cypress

Nothing Is More Valuable Than Being Free Houston Bail Bondsman – Nationwide Bail Bond Services Also Available

If you, or a loved one finds themselves behind bars for any reason within the Houston Texas area, or throughout the continental United States, our group of professional Houston Bail Bondsman can provide you with the financial assistance you need. All of our agents are dedicated to offering prompt and professional services to all who seek our help. We guarantee that we will be there to help you through those rough times for just the simplest troublesome traffic ticket, or for cases which are criminal in nature. Get your Houston Bail Bondsman 24/7 by calling 713-554-7413.

We Are A Houston Bail Bondsman Who Delivers Fast Results!

A Better Bail Bond has established themselves as a leading Houston Bail Bondman within the Houston-area. Our service professionals have committed themselves to helping all our clients get out of jail promptly, quietly, and affordably. It doesn’t matter what type of offense your loved one has been charged with, whether it be a case of theft, possession of drugs, DUI, assault, or any number of other criminal charges, our team have professionals at A Better Bail Bond can provide you with the assistance you need fast.

We already have a reputation of successfully helping thousands of individuals throughout the Houston-area to get out of jail after being charged with a crime. In addition, we have several locations throughout the city making it easy to access a to get assistance from one of our highly professional and experienced Houston Bail Bond Agents who can get your loved one out of jail fast.

Here’s What You Need To Do Now To Start Bail Process

I’m at a loss of what to do, my family member just got picked up by the police and I need to get a Houston Bail Bondsman. How can I make this happen?

The first thing you need to do is give A Better Bail Bond a call right away at 713-554-7413. You will be helped by one of our courteous and professional staff members who are expertly trained in what you need to do to secure the release of your loved one with minimal time and paperwork. The amount of money that you need to provide us with is only a fraction of the total amount of the bail bond, and if needed we can also arrange financing.

Our service doesn’t stop at just getting your loved out of jail, as we will provide them with the assistance they need all the way through the legal process of being released from jail on a bail bond. We will provide them with all of the information that they need to remain in compliance with the release terms easily, so there isn’t any reason to wait, call and get the assistance you need now.

Experience the best possible rates within the entire bail bond community in Houston with the services of A Better Bail Bond!!!

Why Choose A Better Bail Bond As Your Houston Bail Bondsman?

As you know, Houston Texas is one of largest cities within Texas, and because of that, they also have one of the largest court systems. It’s the job of these courts to manage the many thousands of individuals who get caught up in the system each day, and due to the vast numbers of individuals that get pushed through the system, it’s not uncommon for a case or two to get misplaced. It really sucks so choose a trusted Houston Bail Bondsman to help ensure that this does not happen to you.

Whenever you put your trust in A Better Bail Bond for your Houston bail bond needs, you can be assured that you’re going to be provided with the respect, courtesy, and dignity that you deserve. A Better Bail Bond has worked long and hard to develop the reputation of being known as “the best bail bondsman in Houston”, and this hasn’t been achieved by failing to act when our clients need us the most. Just the name and reputation alone which A Better Bail Bond has established for itself is enough reason to give us a call since we obviously have been servicing our customers right over the years, especially when you consider we are dealing with an area as large and as populated as Houston.



If You or Someone You Love Needs a Houston Bail Bond, Give A Better Bail Bond a Call Today!